We Sell.

It’s all about the people who buy your products.
Not the other way around.

Because the business of sales is about people. That’s Y!

Helping people to fulfil a specific need. If you want to be successful in sales, you need to start by identifying the needs and wishes, the WHY, of your potential customers. Only then will you be able to help people find what they’re looking for and seal the deal.

Easier said than done because many companies in high-end markets, such as real estate, are still grappling with their sales processes. Either their story doesn’t resonate with their target audience, or they can’t seem to find the right people to convey it convincingly.

And that is where we come in: at Y, we have combined our many years of sales and marketing experience in challenging sales markets in a unique all-in Sales Outsourcing & Marketing Solutions concept. We find the right sales talent for you and help you to map out the strategy, generate quality leads, and manage and train the right salespeople. Thanks to Y, your sales efficiency will improve, and you will achieve your targets more quickly and effectively.

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