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Y. Why we have the sales solution for your newbuild development

Y is a super-simple concept: we help you to sell your developments more effectively. We select the right sales professional for your project, but there’s more.

How can we help you?

We help you to sell your development more quickly and effectively so it’s a complete success. By combining sales & marketing, we can offer you an all-in sales and marketing approach: branding, media planning and lead generation, sales outsourcing, and management of the right sales talent. Sales & Marketing as a Service, for your benefit.

1. Y’s sales solutions

Recruitment and outsourcing

Some say selling is an art, others call it a science. Either way, selling is not something you learn in school. So you can see why so many companies are having such a difficult time finding the right sales profiles. Fortunately, we at Y are on hand to help because we have made sales recruitment and outsourcing our core business. We find the right people who take the sales process off our client’s hands so they don’t have to worry about it. We find the right match in our sales pool for each project to achieve the best sales results.

Sales Team Management

Managing a performance-driven sales organisation is a tricky job. At Y, we have the right experience, methods and expertise to build and manage successful sales teams with only one objective: generating the best sales results. We take the hassle of selling and managing the sales team off your hands, so you can concentrate on what you like to do best.

Sales training

At Y, we believe that training plays an instrumental part in success. Talent alone won’t make you a success. Finding the right profile is not always sufficient for successfully selling an entire development. That is why we organise intensive sales training for our people. Our sales professionals work according to a standardised sales process with a proven track record.


What does this mean in practice?

  1. Intensive training (3 months): sales processes, techniques, product knowledge, tools…
  2. Coaching (min. 18 months): daily follow-up, weekly coaching, training and sales meetings, and frequent field coaching
  3. Follow-up: weekly sales meetings & training, occasional field coaching

2. Y’s Marketing Solutions

Each sales story starts with the first image or word that a potential customer sees. That is why we take a step back at the start of every sales process. Whom do we want to reach? What does our target audience need? And how can we respond to their need with our sales story? Before we start to sell a product, we start by fine-tuning our sales story. We develop a strong (visual) brand identity and a well-thought-through media plan, create inspiring marketing materials, implement strategic and results-oriented marketing campaigns, and prepare effective lead generation campaigns. In short, we ensure that our sales team has all the tools it needs for a successful market attack.

Lead generation

3D rendering


Media planning


Sales plans

Brand identity & logo

Marketing strategy

Need an experienced, effective sales approach?

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